To the best of my recollection I sauteed the onions on medium heat before dropping in the carrots. Violet raised her right brow like she didn't believe me. "So you don't believe me," I said.  "That was unfortunate timing," she said. "I was doing brow exercises." I'd never seen her do brow exercises. "I'd never seen you do eyebrow exercises," I said. "I want to keep the wrinkles from creeping up on my face like ivy," she said. I reminded her she was 34 years old. "Your breasts'll sag before you get wrinkles," I said. I thought it was an innocuous statement and she probably would've taken it that way except that when I spoke the words my eyes glanced at her chest for a moment but just a moment and she noticed. And I noticed she noticed. And she noticed I noticed she noticed. Her brows knotted together so tight it looked like two greco-roman wrestlers. "And hold, two, three, four..."